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Robson St Dome

Originally designed by the late Arthur Erickson in the 1970’s, the Robson Square Plaza recently underwent a major revitalization, which included the 37ft lengthening of the ice rink and expansion of the roof structure. Not without its challenges, new 144,000lb “elliptical” stainless steel domes had to be tightly fit into the existing supporting “semi-circular” cantilevered concrete beams. The intricacy of the geometric domes required very precise detailing and fabrication in order to have all connections work. Each piece of the dome was fabricated and preassembled to ensure a perfect fit during installation at site. Because of the shear size and weight of each dome, it was spliced into 4 sections before being shipped to site. Once at site, KWH erected each dome then fitted, welded and polished before the glazier dropped their glass panels onto the stainless steel domes